5 Questions to Ask Clients Leaving Your Law FirmClients can leave a law firm for a number of reasons. Typically, if you’ve done a good job, they are leaving because the matter is finished. Sometimes, they leave because they’re unhappy. And sometimes they leave because you ask them to go.

Conducting exit interviews with clients who are leaving you — for whatever reason — is essential. Yes, it can sometimes be uncomfortable. But it is almost always beneficial, since the insights you gain can be used to improve your firm in ways that will eventually lead to more business and happier clients.

Here are 5 critical questions you need to ask clients leaving your firm:

1.  Are we easy to do business with?

This will give you insights into how your operational system is — or is not — working to increase client satisfaction.

2.  What did you like about our services?

This answer will not only provide you with information on what your client found most important, but also what they wish you offered that you currently do not. There may be some opportunities for new services you could provide that would mean incremental income for your firm.

3.  What could we have done differently?

Clients usually let small annoyances slide, but those can build up over time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is lacking that you can easily fix so you can rid your firm of irritating or unproductive practices?

4.  Did our team communicate effectively with you?

The #1 complaint bar associations get from clients is that their attorneys do a poor job of communicating with them. If your team is not doing what they should to keep clients up to date on their legal matters, you need to know it and fix it.

5.  Did we meet expectations?

A negative answer to this question can tell you if your firm is doing a poor job of either setting or managing client expectations, or if you are failing to meet them altogether. Then you can work to prevent similar failures in the future.

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