Google algorithm updates are usually accompanied by much wailing and gnashing of teeth among marketers, and sometimes it’s for good reason. With one flick of a switch, all that hard work to improve search results can be undone if your site no longer complies with what Google considers to be best practices for your website and blog.

Of course, Google’s intention is not to penalize sites — it’s to improve the user experience. Recently, Internet marketing consulting company QuickSprout developed the infographic below with specifics on what to avoid and strategies for ensuring your sites don’t get penalized by Google.

These tips are easy to understand and not too difficult to implement. The reward of not incurring a Google penalty is well worth your time in becoming educated on current best practices in SEO for Google:

How to Avoid Being Penalized by Google [Infographic]


On-Demand Seminar:  How to Leverage Your Firm’s Website to Win ClientsOn-Demand Seminar: How to Leverage Your Firm’s Website to Win Clients

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58 million adults looked for an attorney in the past year

76% of them referred to the Internet at some point in their search

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