How Consumers Look for Lawyers & How to Lead Them to YouOur experience in law firm marketing over the past decade has taught us that most people take a four-step approach when choosing a lawyer:

1.  The person gathers general information to determine what type of lawyer they need and if they actually have a need for a lawyer;

2.  The person begins to search and look at several law firms (those they have heard of or find on the Internet);

3.  The person begins to validate specific attorneys (performs a credibility search to ensure the attorneys he/she is considering are good, qualified attorneys);

4.  The person then makes an attorney selection (perhaps engaging in a free consult, calling the attorney, etc.).

Savvy attorneys know they need to be accessible at each step in the decision process; here’s how:

Step 1: Information Gathering. Most people turn to the Internet to gather information and you need to be there to answer their questions via a blog or your website. You should have content that specifically addresses the type of situation that would lead someone to hire you and/or why they need legal counsel for their particular problem.

Step 2: Search. An active presence on social networking sites as well as your blog and website can help lead prospects to your door. Many may ask their friends on Facebook for recommendations or turn to other social media sites for information about specific firms, so you need to be there.

Step 3: Validation. Having good reviews and posting testimonials (if your state bar allows it) on your website and blog will help put you front and center during the validation process. Don’t forget to beef up your profiles on legal directories as well as LinkedIn.

Step 4: Selection. Offer free consultations at every opportunity and when someone calls your office, return the call immediately. Research shows that a hot lead can turn cold in as little as five minutes, so if you can’t get to them quickly, make sure someone else in your office can or that you have an automated system to follow up immediately.

This last step is where things often fall apart for many law firms, who have not yet been awakened to the importance of lead conversion.


First, you must understand that lead conversion doesn’t begin when you are trying to close a sale, it begins the moment someone initiates contact with you.

Most law firms do not have a proper lead conversion process in place that begins when someone calls or emails and your staff is poorly trained to boot!

As I talk about at our two-day marketing seminar, the Rainmaker Retreat, there are 7 critical components to any lead conversion system and they must all be working together if you are to have any real success in converting your leads:

  1. A system that tracks where all your leads come from
  2. A system that is customized for the way you do business
  3. Measures how many of your leads turn into appointments and how many convert into clients
  4. Automated follow-up process so you never lose a lead
  5. Systems to help you convert more prospects into retentions
  6. Must include ongoing training for your staff
  7. Must include consulting on best practices in lead conversion

All the hard work you’ve put in to be found by potential clients at every step of their decision-making process is wasted if you don’t have a lead conversion system in place. It is probably one of the least expensive yet most financially rewarding things you can do to boost your revenues.


lead conversionFREE Law Firm Marketing Strategy Session with a Rainmaker Advisor

Having a robust presence online is a must for attorneys who want to effectively market and grow their firms.

It should be no secret that the Internet is one of the most cost effective lead sources for attorneys today. Even if a portion of your client base includes referrals, you can be sure that they are checking you out on the Web before they give you a call.

But how do you know you are going about it the right way?

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