Is Your Law Firm Website Generating Leads or Is It a Loser? If you’ve been practicing law for more than 10 years, you probably hated creating your first law firm website. Chances are that it was too expensive, took too long to develop and probably doesn’t even have half the functionality that today’s sites do.

If your law firm website is not generating quality leads for you, it’s a loser.

Face it, if your site is still hobbling along on its original legs, it’s time to chuck it. If it’s been even a couple of years since your site was overhauled, you need to give some serious thought to an update. Look at your site now to see if it includes any of these good reasons for updating a website:

Dated design. If you’re still wearing wide ties and lapels, you’re probably fine with your old website, but designs change and an old website just makes you look out of touch.

Nothing to share. Social shares are online currency, so if you site has no way to share your content — or worse, no interesting content to share — that needs to change.

No blog. There’s no better way to speak to prospects’ pain than a blog, where you can discuss problems relevant to them and offer solutions. This brings you leads. No blog, less leads.

Not optimized for mobile. If your site doesn’t incorporate responsive web design — where it displays your content in the right format to users on desktops and mobile devices — you are not prepared to serve the majority of consumers who now use smartphones or tablets to go online.

Inflexible. If you have to go through other people outside your firm to make updates to your site’s content, you’re wasting money. Get a content management system that allows you to make changes any time you want or need to do so.

Content is all about you. If your website content reads like your resume, you are turning off prospects right and left. They don’t care about you; they care about what benefits, value and results they will gain by hiring you.

Content doesn’t include images. People respond to videos and photos. Having videos on your website that shows people just who you are and what you know is imperative today, both for attracting clients and for ranking better in search.

Clunky navigation. Is it easy to get around your website? Or are you sending people on a wild goose chase to find what they want? Your site needs to be easy to navigate or people will leave.

No CTAs. If you’re not giving people something to do on your site — download a free report, sign up for a free newsletter — you’re missing a golden opportunity to collect email addresses so you can keep the conversation going. Your site should be sprinkled with obvious calls-to-action.

Your website is the face of your firm in a very competitive marketplace, so if it’s showing its age, it’s time for a facelift.


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