8 Proven Ways to Boost Engagement for Your Facebook PostsIf you’re using Facebook to “sell” your law firm, you are probably disappointed in your results.  You see, Facebook is about engagement and anything that smacks of a hard-sell is usually tuned out.

You will get much better results if you simply surrender to what Facebook can deliver, which is an opportunity to meet new prospects and to share your knowledge that may someday lead to new business.

A lot of new business connections occur on Facebook based on people you used to know –old high school or college friends that you connect with there and then educate them naturally on what you do now.  In that sense, approaching Facebook as a referral source cultivation opportunity could be a mindset that will pay you big dividends in the future.

That said, there are certain things you can do that research shows leads to more engagement with your posts.

According to Shareaholic research, social media now drives more traffic (31.2%) to the websites of people and organizations that post on social media sites than any other channel, including search. Facebook dwarfs all other social networks for driving that traffic, accounting for 25% of all website traffic coming from social media!

BuzzSumo recently analyzed 500 million Facebook posts to discover what types of posts create the most engagement. Use this data to plot your posting strategy and you will likely see an uptick in the number of likes, comments and shares your posts get:

  1. Schedule evening posts. Posts published between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET get 88% more interactions than the average post.
  2. Use images. Image posts get 179% more interactions than the average Facebook post.
  3. Pose a question. Posts ending with a question get 162% more interactions than the average post.
  4. Use video. Videos are the most shared post type on Facebook, averaging 89.5 shares per video.
  5. Post on Sundays. Posts published on a Sunday get 52.9% more interactions than the average post.
  6. Keep posts brief. Posts with 150-200 characters performed the best, averaging 238.75 shares.
  7. Post directly to Facebook. Posting with a third party tool results in 89.5% less engagement than posting directly to Facebook.
  8. Link to longer content. Posts that link to long form content (2,000+ words) receive 40% more interactions than linking to shorter content.

Just like any social media network, the lion’s share of the attention goes to those who interact frequently – and genuinely – with followers and fans. Knowing how valuable and limited your time may be for social media marketing, you need to make efficient use of it to get the maximum benefit.  These tips can help you do just that.