Orlando criminal law firm Moses & Rooth conducted a Google survey last month to determine how different demographic groups look for attorneys when seeking legal advice.

The survey netted 1,578 responses and the firm then whipped up an infographic to share the results (see below). Of particular interest is the gender and age demographic breakdown in the tools people use to look for an attorney.

For example, the top two ways that men find an attorney is through a friend or a referral. However, the top two ways that women find an attorney is via a friend or Internet search. For those over 45, friends and referrals are the top two ways people find an attorney. For those under the age of 45, there is a much heavier dependence on online resources.

The income category is eye-opening as well. The #1 way that those making $150K+ look for an attorney is online and getting a referral from a friend doesn’t count with this group at all.  Interesting stuff.

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