smalllawSmallLaw, a popular email newsletter for solo practitioners and those who manage and work in small law firms, reviews hundreds of articles published every week. From these articles, they select one as their SmallLaw Pick of the Week — something they feel is a must-read for this audience.

My recent post here on The Rainmaker Blog entitled, New Benchmarks for Law Firm Email Newsletter Performance is the latest recipient of the SmallLaw Pick of the Week award.

This is especially gratifying since, as the editors note:

Many awards given out these days are meaningless because marketing can play a role in determining who wins. By contrast, those who win our SmallLaw Pick of the Week award don’t even know they’re in the running and cannot influence our editorial team. We think this makes the award meaningful.

SmallLaw provides free subscriptions to a variety of newsletters on law firm management, marketing and technology for solos and small firms. The articles are written by successful small firm founders, managing partners and administrators as well as legal technology and practice management experts. There are also comprehensive reviews of legal products as well as links to other articles, videos and podcasts about solo practices and small law firms.

Lots of good stuff there. Just click on this SmallLaw link to subscribe.

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