It would be foolish to waste the efficacy of your social media posts by not paying attention to readily available data that tells you exactly when it’s prime time for you to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks.

While there is no perfect time for everyone, there is plenty of research available that shows what works for most businesses. Recently, the team at CoSchedule took research from QuickSprout, SurePayrollThe Huffington Post, BufferTrackMavenFast CompanyKISSmetrics and others to compile a guide to the best times to post on social media.

HubSpot then took that data and created the infographic below as a guide on the best days of the week and times to post for the five major social networks.

If you’ve been measuring your social media marketing as you should but haven’t been strategically posting as this guide suggests, changes things up and track your posts from here on out to see if you get better results through strategic scheduling. If you operate in more than one time zone, research suggests that basing your posts off Eastern or Central time is best to reach the largest potential audience.

If you get better results through scheduling, great. It didn’t cost you a dime to get those results. If you don’t get a bump in traffic, shares or likes, then go back to what you were doing before if you like. No harm done.

You see, sometimes marketing is like cooking. You need to test and tweak the recipe to get the best result from your efforts.

Best Times to Post on Social Media