Good news for B2B law firms: high margin corporate client work is back in 2016!

BTI Consulting Group specializes in independent research on how clients acquire, manage and evaluate their professional service providers. Their blog, The Mad Clientist, is often full of insightful information for B2B law firms, including growth trends for where the B2B legal business is going.

Tipped off by my friend Larry Bodine, who posted a good piece on his blog today about where corporate legal work can be found and how to get it, I discovered the three graphics below about where B2B law firms can find business in 2016.

I’m on my way to Las Vegas to host another Rainmaker Retreat session tomorrow and Saturday, where I will be teaching attorneys the best ways to capture the business that is slowly but surely coming back. We’ve got sessions scheduled now through June, so go to our Rainmaker Retreat website and sign up to sharpen your rainmaking skills!

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