Far too often, a law firm website is a vanity project.  Many firms want a big, glossy photo of their attorneys (preferably in an imposing board room), and their awards or recognitions prominently displayed on the home page.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anything to your prospective clients. Here’s what they want to know when they visit your law firm website home page:

You practice the kind of law I need.  Whatever type of law you practice should be spelled out clearly and be one of the first things a visitor to your law firm website sees.

You understand my problem.  Get all the lawyer words off your site and speak to your prospect in their language so that they understand that you understand.  This builds trust.  And if they don’t trust you, they won’t do business with you.

You have the knowledge I need to solve my problem.  Lots of law firm websites have information that clients want to know hidden under a “Reference” or “Resources” tab.  This is important stuff to prospects; don’t make them hunt for it.

I understand the benefits and value I will receive if I work with you.  This is a tough one for most lawyers because they don’t really understand the benefits of working with their firm, so you have to spend some time really giving this some thought.  Look at the testimonials you have gathered and glean from those what really means something to your clients.  Using terms like, “We care” is both trite and commonplace.

The infographic below from HubSpot details the 12 critical elements your law firm website home page should have in order to generate leads:

12 Critical Elements Your Law Firm Website Home Page Must Have


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