How to Find More Clients Through ReferralsThe top four sources of attorney referrals include:

1.Current and former clients

2. Other attorneys who do what you do (conflict work)

3. Non-competing attorneys

4. Non-attorney professionals

We’ve identified some of the top reasons why you are not getting more referrals:

Lack of education — you have not educated your referral sources on these 7 critical points:

  • What a great referral looks like
  • How to make a referral to your office
  • What to tell referrals about you and your firm
  • What’s in it for them
  • If you charge for a consultation
  • Why they should refer to you vs. someone else
  • What information you can provide for them to pass on to referrals (brochure, business cards, etc.)

Failure to communicate — you are not keeping in touch with clients on a regular basis. If you don’t do this, you will not be top-of-mind when a referral opportunity comes up. Use low-cost options like monthly e-newsletters to keep educating those clients about what you do.

Not asking — you assume that your referral sources know that you want more referrals. You need to ask directly for them. Here’s a way many of our clients have used: any time a client or referral source says “thank you” respond with, “One of the best ways you can thank me is by sending us a referral and here is what a good referral looks like…”

Lack of appreciation — you fail to thank your referral sources for making referrals to your firm. This sounds simple enough, but you would be shocked at how many people forget to simply say “thank you.” I have been a victim of this myself. Since my job is working with attorneys, I have lots of people who need an attorney asking me for a referral. I referred one person to a law firm and know for a fact that this client is now bringing that firm business that totals in the high five figures. You’d think that would at least warrant an email or call to thank me, but I’m still waiting. Will I refer that firm again? No way!

If you fix these four reasons you’re not getting enough referrals from your potential sources, I guarantee that those referrals will start — and keep — rolling in to your firm.


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