How to Use Local Search to Drive Traffic to Your DoorMost people who need legal help search for a local law firm. This is why local search is so important when it comes to marketing your law firm online.  Here are several ways you can ensure your firm shows up well in local search results:

Find the right keywords.  You must use the same words people use when they search online.  If you are a divorce attorney in Detroit, then your main keywords should be: divorce attorney detroit.  Also divorce lawyer detroit.  Research and use the right keywords for your target market.

Optimize your website and content with local terms.  Your website should feature your full company name, address, phone number and a geo sitemap to help search engines find you.  Your content should also reference your geographic location, but don’t overdo it.

List your firm on Google Places for Business and other online directories. You can find a good list here.

Be sure listings are consistent.  Use a consistent firm name, address and phone wherever these appear online – on your website, your social media profiles, your blog, etc.

Get reviews.  Reviews of local businesses are becoming increasingly important in search results, so if you’ve made a client happy with your service, ask them to submit a review or testimonial saying why they loved doing business with you.  One thing you should never do is fake a review or testimonial. If they sound too glowing or like you wrote them, it will do much more harm than good.

Optimize your social network profiles.  Every social media site that your law firm is on should include the firm’s name, address, phone and a link to your website.  Remember to keep it consistent across all networks.

Optimize for mobile.  Be sure your firm website is fully optimized for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Google reports that more searches are now conducted on mobile than desktop devices.