4 Steps to Increase Your Law Firm’s Visibility OnlineThere is one simple marketing strategy that can mean real money in your pocket: increasing the online visibility of your law firm. If you increase your online visibility, you improve your chances of having potential clients find you because online is where consumers are looking for attorneys these days.

Here are some tasks you should consider undertaking in an effort to improve your visibility online:

Review your website – Approach your website as a client would and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the design appealing and professional?
  • Is it easy to navigate around the site?
  • Are all the links working?
  • Is my content relevant and fresh?
  • Are online tasks intuitive and easily managed?
  • Are my download times reasonable?

Be prepared to fix or update anything that doesn’t pass the test.

Fresh content – Fresh, relevant content is essential since Google includes real time search results in their search algorithms. This means that when you add new content to your site or update your social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – you will improve your online visibility.

Social media – With the growing popularity of real time search, the impact of social media on your law firm website has increased dramatically. Social media is important for building relationships with prospects, but is now equally important for organic search optimization.

But beyond search, social media — primarily Facebook — is where your prospects are every day. A recent comScore study showed that almost 100% of Internet users aged 18-34 and 92% of those over age 35 are on Facebook an average of 30 minutes a day. Those are your prospective clients! Posting content to Facebook on a regular basis will broaden both your online visibility and your appeal to those prospects.

Landing pages – The use of landing pages as a destination for PPC campaigns and to drive traffic deeper into your site is also monitored by search engines. If visitors abandon your landing page without going further into your site and return to their search results, your site ranking may suffer. Landing pages need to enhance your site’s user experience as a relevant gateway to your website.


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