On the Road...Let's Meet Up!Many of you who read this blog are also connected to me via social media — either Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, my most frequent social media haunts.  I enjoy getting your comments and posting stuff that may either be useful to you or just give you a laugh or reason to pause and think about stuff other than the law.

But I also thrive on connecting offline, as you should with your prospects that follow you on social media.  I’m back on the road over the next week and if you are attending any of these events, I invite you to meet up with me:

4/16:  Jumping on a plane to Miami to speak about intake and lead conversion to a group of 200 attorneys in West Palm Beach tomorrow.  The meeting is hosted by RJon Robins, CEO and Founder of How to Manage a Small Law Firm,  the leading provider of outside Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services exclusively for the solo and small law firm market.

4/20-22:  I’ll be in Las Vegas at the Wynn for Mass Torts Made Perfect, where I will be talking more about how to improve your intake and lead conversion process on the afternoon of April 20 in the LaTour Ballroom.

4/23-24:  Still in Vegas for our Rainmaker Retreat at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. There is still time to register for this session and we have extended our special discount pricing until April 20!  

I’m often asked how the Rainmaker Retreat differs from other law firm marketing seminars. Here’s why:

1. Specifically Designed for Owners and Managing Partners at Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners. The Rainmaker Retreat is specifically designed to meet the needs, challenges, and financial budgets of solo practitioners and small law firms. You won’t find any strategies that cost tens of thousands of dollars in this seminar. In fact, many of our strategies have little to no cost and with many of them we will tell you how to trade more of your time instead of spending your money if you’re marketing your practice on a shoe-string budget. Nor will you hear about generic marketing ideas that only work if you have a large staff or a separate marketing department.

2. This is an Advanced Legal Marketing Workshop. We work very hard to make the material easy to understand and simple to apply, but please understand this is an advanced, in-depth, hard-hitting law firm marketing course!

A common remark we hear from experienced attorneys is that attending the Rainmaker Retreat is like “trying to drink from a fire hydrant” because we will provide you will dozens of time tested legal marketing strategies each day of the workshop.

At the Rainmaker Retreat, you will not hear any generic marketing advice like “try to get more referrals from clients.” The Rainmaker Retreat focuses on in-depth discussions of cutting-edge strategies and revealing secrets of highly successful attorneys used by only an elite group of lawyers.

3. You will be taught How to Track and Measure Every Legal Marketing Effort! You will find a big emphasis on tracking the results of your attorney marketing efforts so if you are a numbers kind of person you will LOVE the Rainmaker Retreat!

There are 3 major areas you need to analyze and every one of your current challenges is directly related to problems in one or more of these 3 areas. We will teach you what the 3 areas are and how to use this tool to diagnose your problems and what “marketing treatment” you need to prescribe.

4. You will learn a Proven Lead Conversion System. The biggest area attorneys overlook in their legal marketing efforts is how to convert more prospects into paying clients. You will learn the 5 numbers you need to track in your law firm.

We will give you the tools and teach you how to use them so you can start tracking: (1) where every incoming lead is coming from, (2) how many of those leads turn into appointments, (3) how many appointments show up, (4) how many of those appointments retain at the initial consult, and (5) how many retain at a later date.

5. It is a Working Retreat. This means that several times each day you will be given specific marketing tasks to complete with step-by-step instructions. You not only come to listen, learn and discover, but also to practice and apply.

I look forward to seeing you on the road!