I travel a lot, both for business and pleasure.  Like many others of you who have traveled a lot over the years, I can get pretty depressed about the state of the travel industry these days.

Back in the day, traveling was an event that you dressed appropriately for and looked forward to.  Today,  you’re lucky if the people on your plane are actually fully dressed and you just look forward to it being over!

Because I still want to like to travel, I am interested in learning as many tips as possible to make my trips go more smoothly.  Obviously, there’s a lot that is not within our control, but if we take control over the things we can, it actually does make for a better trip.

The infographic below provides 21 travel hacks that aim to give us road warriors some control, and I thought these were worth sharing here today with you:

21 Travel Hacks to Save You Time and Money