New! Free eBook on How to Avoid the Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Attorneys MakeSeveral years ago I sat down and wrote one of our most popular eBooks ever: The Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Attorneys Make. Since then, we’ve emailed out thousands of copies by request and I want to believe that it has helped lots of attorneys become better at marketing their law firms. Because we can all learn from mistakes.

I have just finished updating this eBook with what I think is even better information: how to avoid these 10 mistakes! This updated version will teach you:

  • How to avoid the top 10 marketing mistakes before they destroy your practice
  • 3 tools top Rainmakers use to automatically attract more and better clients
  • Specific keys for building a powerful online presence
  • How to market and position yourself as a recognized specialist
  • The 1 thing you must never do when marketing your law firm

You can get your copy here now.

This book will help you examine how you are currently finding new clients and recommend specific steps you can immediately start using to grow your law practice. Over the last several years, more than 18,000 attorneys have discovered a better way of generating more referrals and finding better clients using our proven Rainmaker Marketing System™. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

“I am extremely thankful I met Stephen Fairley and that I attended his Rainmaker Retreat. I more than doubled my firm’s annual revenue in the year since attending the Rainmaker Retreat and implementing Stephen’s marketing program. If you are willing to do the work, Stephen definitely has a proven method of driving new business into your firm. I endorse his program, it clearly worked for us.” –Gordon R. Levinson, Esq. (Levinson Law Group, Carlsbad, CA).

“It has taken me 30 years of trial & error to learn many of the techniques I learned in one evening! This is an incredibly focused & practical seminar.” — M. Pfiefer, Managing Partner (CA)

“This is a great way to jump start a firm-wide marketing program” — E. Rickert (IL)

“This presentation was worth far more than the money I paid. I would absolutely recommend this program to any attorney who wants to increase business.” — J. Fazio (FL)

“This was one of the best spent hours in training that I have had in over 20 years of practicing law. Practical and priceless for improving your practice and your life.” –S. Koenig (NE)

We have helped thousands of lawyers achieve their goals of creating a financially successful and personally satisfying legal practice. In How to Avoid the Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Attorneys Make, you will discover specific principles and tools you can use to grow your legal practice, too.

The one thing you will NOT find is the one thing most of you are looking for….an easy button….because when it comes to legal marketing there is no easy button! Trust me, if there was, I would know about it by now. It takes hard work, effort and money to build a successful law firm and it will not happen overnight, but if you are willing to work we can help you make it happen.

I invite you to print this book and grab a pen and a highlighter. Take some notes because I am confident you will find specific strategies that when you apply them will make a dramatic difference in your practice today, tomorrow and forever.