Having a polished LinkedIn profile is about to become more important now that Microsoft has announced its acquisition of the B2B social media giant.

That is because one of the initiatives Microsoft plans to undertake in order to put itself at the center of our business lives is to make LinkedIn profiles much more visible. That’s right, they plan to serve up your profile to people you have scheduled a meeting with, people who have a work project that requires legal expertise and even beyond the LinkedIn site to Microsoft users who may benefit from any content you’ve posted on LinkedIn.

Bottom line: your profile will be exposed to more people, both on LinkedIn and Microsoft. Will it stand up to this increased scrutiny?

The most important piece of real estate for lawyers on LinkedIn is your profile. You need to spend the necessary time to build and maintain it in order to stand out from all the other lawyers on LinkedIn and cultivate those important referral relationships.

Here are 23 tweaks you can make to your LinkedIn profile right now that will help you present a compelling presence online:

23 Tweaks to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile


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