Labor Day Special: 14-Day Trial of Rainmaker Retreat 2.0 for Just $7The Rainmaker Institute’s Rainmaker Retreat is a powerful 2-day law firm marketing boot camp that has helped thousands of attorneys transform their practices into “lifestyle law firms.”

We realize that not everyone is able to attend the live Rainmaker Retreat, so we’re making a live recording of this seminar available to you now to watch at your convenience. We cover more than 65 proven online and offline marketing and business development strategies for law firms in eight distinct modules in four categories:

Client Retention Techniques — Specific tools to double your referrals and to help you with “Building a Lifestyle Law Firm®”

Lead Generation Techniques — How to generate more leads from the Internet, social media and blogs.

Lead Conversion Techniques — A proven system to track incoming leads and improve your conversion rates to turn more of those prospects into paying clients.

Identify Your Target Market — Engaging activities to identify your ideal target market so you can powerfully market to them.

Here’s what some former Rainmaker Retreat attendees had to say about their experiences:

“After attending the Rainmaker Retreat, I truly believe I can change the destiny of my law practice.  I have learned valuable information that I believe will lead me to making a multi-million dollar business.  The information was eye opening and supported by credible data.  I recommend it to any attorney who is ready to take their business to the next level.”
– Jennifer Le, Solo, Criminal Defense, Huntington Beach, CA

“Frankly, the Rainmaker Retreat opened my eyes to so many new strategies to bring new business to our firm that I wish I had attended 10 years ago!”- Scott Benson, Partner, Trial Attorney/Financial, Minneapolis, MN

“The Rainmaker Retreat takes the confusing mess that is law firm marketing and ties it into a nice little bow for you, showing you clearly and concisely what you need to do to increase your leads and lead conversions, and ultimately make more money.”- Brandon Glosson, Solo, Estate Planning and PI, San Antonio, TX

How Does the 14-Day Trial Work?

In honor of Labor Day, we’re making the first module available to you for just $7. You can view it as much as you like for 14 days. You can cancel at any time within the 14-day trial. We’ll even email you a reminder when your trial is ending.

After the 14-day trial period, your account will be automatically charged $197 and you will receive access to all eight modules. (Registration for the in-person Rainmaker Retreat costs $997, plus travel expenses).

Rainmaker Retreat 2.0 will show you:

  • Specific strategies highly successful attorneys are using right now on the Internet and with social media to attract hundreds of people to their websites and blogs every month, convert them to paying clients, and keep them coming back and sending a steady stream of referrals!
  • Dozens of ways to drastically reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns and still get more clients than you might believe possible.
  • How to implement low cost marketing tools and systems that let you control your practice – instead of your practice controlling you!

This offer ends at midnight on Monday, September 5, 2016.

Start your trial of Rainmaker Retreat 2.0 today — 15 hours of cutting-edge information about how to market your law firm and break that 7-figure mark!