Answer These 20 Questions to Develop Your Law Firm’s Social Media StrategyYou should never begin any marketing initiative without outlining a solid strategy. When developing a strategy for your law firm’s social media marketing program, you need to give serious thought to the five Ws and the H:

Who is your target market?

Why you want to use social media?

What do you want to accomplish?

Which social networks will you use?

When you will be posting for maximum benefit?

How you will execute and measure your results?

Here are 20 questions you need to answer to ensure you are developing a social media strategy that will actually help you achieve your overall law firm marketing goals:

  1. What is the reason you want to participate in social media?
  2. What do you hope to achieve?
  3. Which practice areas do you want to promote?
  4. What does your target market look like?
  5. Which social platforms does your target market use?
  6. What information is most important to your target market?
  7. Which life events are important to your target market?
  8. Which specific problems can you help your prospects solve?
  9. What path does your prospect take from searching to buying (the sales cycle)?
  10. Where does social media fit within the sales cycle?
  11. What tone should you take in your posts?
  12. What emotions do you hope elicit through text and visuals?
  13. How frequently should you post?
  14. What types of content should you post on each platform?
  15. What types of content best support your marketing mission?
  16. Where you will get the content on a consistent, long-term basis?
  17. What resources do you have to devote to social media?
  18. Who should be responsible for running your program?
  19. How does social media integrate with other aspects of your marketing program?
  20. How will you define success and measure ROI?

Created and executed correctly, a social media marketing program can help you connect with prospects and referral sources you may never have found otherwise and drive the engagement on to more richly rewarding places like your blog, website or newsletter. Just don’t start the journey without a blueprint.

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