How are your law firm management skills?  Most of the lawyers we work with are the boss…literally. They are solos or attorneys who head up small firms.  And by being the boss at a solo or small firm, it’s more critical to you to have great people working for you. Whether you are the boss of one, or manage a dozen or more employees, mediocre will not cut it for you. Your human resources need to be the best…and it all starts at the top.

That’s right. To attract top talent, you have to be a great boss. Great people don’t work for bad bosses for long. And if you’re not attracting great people to your firm, maybe part of the problem is you.

This infographic from EOS outlines the qualities of a bad boss and a great boss. Look it over and see how you measure up when it comes to law firm management:

Law Firm Management: What Kind of Boss Are You?


Free Webinar: How to Find, Train & Retain the Best TalentFree Webinar: How to Find, Train & Retain the Best Talent

You can’t get the lifestyle law firm you’ve always wanted by yourself.  You need Superstars in your organization to make this happen and our free webinar on How to Find, Train and Retain the Best Talent can get you on your way.  You can access it for free and watch it at your convenience.

The webinar is led by Jay Henderson, founder of Real Talent Hiring, and one of the nation’s leading authorities on how to find and hire the right talent to grow your business. Having good people is what separates good law firms from great law firms. If you want to hire better, more productive people, you cannot afford to miss this webinar.

Some of the topics Jay covers include:

  • The 3 P’s of hiring and driving performance
  • The Superstar Profile
  • The Superstar Magnet for attracting talent
  • Best interviewing strategies
  • Testing: Should you test candidates and what to be aware of

Studies show that companies with happy employees are 12% more productive and 20% more profitable than those with unhappy employees.  Once you have a group of Superstars working for you, you will never want to settle for anything less.

Register online now for the free webinar, How to Find, Train and Retain the Best Talent, and start hiring the people you need to succeed!