Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special: Let Us Secret Shop Your Firm for Only $19 ($300 Value!)Do you know what really happens when a prospect calls your law firm? If the results of our secret shopper calls to law firms over the past two years are any indication, I think not.

We have secret-shopped more than 1,500 law firms over the past couple of years and make careful notes of each call. Here is a sampling of some of those notes from our callers, all from different firms across the country:

The phone was not answered. The first time I called, the phone rang four times, then stopped. I called again and the phone rang 10 times with no answer. No answering machine picked up either.

The phone was answered by voicemail that said, “Please leave a message.” No firm name was given.

Called the firm three times and each call went to voicemail.

Called to report my horrible accident (with injuries). She said, “Hold on” and transferred my call. I sat on hold for a couple of minutes and was disconnected. I called back and she told me she worked for a national phone answering service. I asked for the law firm’s website and she said she couldn’t find one.

I asked the woman who answered if the firm had a website. She said she “didn’t have it memorized” and asked me to hold so she could find it. I was disconnected.

After holding for over two minutes, the appointment setter came on the line. When I asked about the firm’s website, he said, “It’s not very good and I think you’ve got all the pertinent information.”

I asked the woman answering the phone if the law firm had a website. She said she didn’t know and suggested I Google the name of the firm.

If you are like these and many other law firms, you are losing potential clients because of how your calls are being handled. Let us secret shop your law firm and unveil how you can dramatically improve your team’s intake performance.

  • $300 Value, Only $19 until midnight PT on Monday, November 28

After we evaluate your firm, you will receive a 30-minute debrief to learn what happened during the call and specific action items you can implement immediately to increase your team’s conversion rate with prospective clients.

This offer is for:

  • Law firms that have a staff person other than the owner taking calls, such as receptionist, call center, intake specialist.
  • Law firms that have more than 15-20 leads per month.
  • Consumer law firms such as personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning, immigration, etc.

Sign up online now for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special and we’ll secret-shop your law firm for only $19 (a $300 value!). Offer ends at midnight PT on Monday, Nov. 28, 2016.