How to Create Landing Pages That Land More LeadsIf your law firm marketing is directing traffic to the home page of your website, you are missing a big opportunity to capture more leads. You should be using dedicated landing pages instead.

Landing pages have been proven to more than double conversion rates when compared with website home pages. This is because they are created specifically for converting leads, featuring specialized content and offers that appeal to a targeted audience.

To make your landing pages pay, you need to know the basics about how to create a highly effective landing page. Here are the steps you need to take in developing landing pages for your law firm:

Have just one goal. You want your landing page to do just one job for you — get the visitor to download that free report, sign up for a seminar, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. Don’t clutter them up with multiple offers. One page. One job.

Use just one image. Choose an illustration or photo that is relevant to your offer.

Don’t fake it. Don’t create false endorsements for your offer. Avoid cheesy endorsement copy that turns visitors off.

Use simple design. Keep your design simple with minimal, impactful copy that consists of a headline, subhead and bullet points that make the content easy to scan.

Quick load. Be sure your landing page loads quickly; you only have a few seconds for it to pop up or your visitor will lose interest and click off.

Compelling copy. The worse thing you can do is bore your visitor. Your copy needs to be readable, believable and lead the visitor quickly to your ultimate goal.

Focus the content. Write and design your land page with your singular goal in mind. Do not clutter the content with irrelevant prose.

Inform and educate. Don’t waste the visitor’s time by not delivering anything of benefit. And don’t ask for too much information — a name and an email address should be sufficient.

Be truthful. If you have actual testimonials that would be appropriate, use them but be sure you are not making any false promises or guarantees.

Provide value. Make it clear what the value and benefits of redeeming your offer will provide to your visitor. If they are entrusting you with their information, you need to let them know it is a fair exchange for what you are providing with the offer.


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