10 Ways to Monitor Your Social Media ProgramIf you are participating in social media for your law firm, you should also be monitoring whether or not what you are doing on social media is helping you reach your law firm marketing goals.

You should be creating Google Alerts or searching on Social Mention for the name of your law firm and the names of your attorneys at least once a month. Create alerts for the areas of law you practice as well. In addition, keep these 10 insights in mind when reviewing your results:

  1. Sentiment — Are mentions generally position, neutral or negative?
  2. Questions — Look for questions people may have that you can provide the answers to in your social media posts or blogs.
  3. Feedback — If you see feedback on Avvo or Yelp or some other site that directly affects your firm, you need to listen and respond appropriately.
  4. Links — keep track of who is retweeting or reposting your content and keep track of who is linking back to you.
  5. Pain points — absorb what people are talking about online that is of concern to them and use that information to inform your future posts.
  6. Content — this is where your alerts for your practice area come in handy. Use these to mine for topics of interest to your target market.
  7. Trends — recent court decisions or trending news in your practice area should be included in your posts so it is clear you are on top of all the trends.
  8. Media — journalists spend a lot of time online so pay attention to the areas they are covering that might provide you with an opportunity to reach out as a spokesperson on those subjects.
  9. Influencers — are there certain individuals who keep popping up in your feeds? They may be someone it would be advantageous for you to know as an industry influencer.
  10. Advocates — monitoring is a great way to find and recognize those people who are talking positively about you online.

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