By now you know that to be effective at law firm marketing, you have to know your target market. One of the key demographic markers is, of course, age. My Baby Boomer generation is almost the polar opposite of the Millennials in many respects, but surprisingly, social media is not one of them. Both of these generations prefer to be marketed to on Facebook.

The WebpageFX infographic below details recent social media demographic studies and provides us with insight on how each generation likes to be marketed to on social media:

Baby Boomers (50-65) have become increasingly tech-savvy over the last five years, and 84% of this generation has a Facebook profile. Forget Twitter and Instagram with this group; they’re not engaged on those sites, but they are a bit on Pinterest (40%). 58% of Boomers say they will visit a company’s website after they have encountered the brand on Facebook.

Generation X (36-49) will go down as the online shopping generation. They make up 23% of all online shoppers. Their social media network of preference is Pinterest, where more than a third of users are 30-44.

Millennials (20-35) are huge Facebook users — 87% of them use this platform. Millennials are also fans of user-generated content, believing it to be 50% more trustworthy than branded messages.

Generation Z (13-19) are visual beings since they have the attention span of a gnat (about 8 seconds). That means YouTube and Instagram are the preferred social media platforms for these youngsters. Like the millennials, they also believe in user-generated content more than branded messaging.

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How to Use Social Media to Market to Different Generations [Infographic]