What to Do Right Now to Get More Business in 2015If you want to get 2017 off to a great start in terms of new business, I have a few ideas for you. You’ll want to get started now, which the normally slow holiday time will probably allow you to do.


When business demands slow as they always do around the holidays, take the time to identify your top 10 clients and set up appointments with them in person. Have an open and honest discussion with them about the state of their business, what resources they need and how you can help them.

Perhaps they really need a business loan and you know of a local banker you could introduce them to. Or they may have to let a few employees go and are afraid of being sued. Maybe they need to do some asset protection right away in case their business fails to protect them against creditors.

The idea is not to wait until they come to you; be proactive and let them know they are important to you. They’ll appreciate a listening ear and your expertise.

Referral Sources

Instead of following the crowd and sending gifts to referral sources for Christmas or Hanukkah, send them something just after January 1 to celebrate the New Year. And this year, make it personal. If you don’t know what they might like, contact their assistant and ask.

Along with your small gift, include a personal, handwritten note asking them to join you for lunch or a drink in January, after the holiday hoopla is over. Tell them your assistant will be in touch after New Year’s to set a date. This will allow you to reconnect in person and provides you with the opportunity to update them on your practice and what you consider to be a great prospect for your services.

Using the “dead time” around the holidays as an opportunity to connect with clients and referral sources will pay off for you in terms of new business in 2017 — it’s a great way to start a new year!

Remember: how you finish 2016 will be how you start 2017! This is NOT the time to coast! This is the exact time you need to push the pedal to the metal and CRUSH IT!

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