One of the main ways to differentiate your law firm is by focusing on the client experience, the way your prospects and clients experience your law firm. At our monthly Rainmaker Retreat, I teach attorneys how to micromanage the client experience by paying attention to these four things:

Analyze every impact point. Impact points are every way a client comes into contact with your firm, from the first phone call to the final invoice and exit interview.

Develop standards, protocols and systems. You need to train your people on exactly how you want the phone answered, what the answers are to frequently asked questions, the process for signing up a client, and so on. Every part of the intake process needs to be standardized.

Train your people to work the system. Train, test and retest your people on your system. Provide public reinforcement by praising them when they go above and beyond. Get rid of the people who don’t follow your system. Without a system, you cannot scale your law firm!

Focus on the client’s experience of your law firm. The client experience begins on the phone, but the biggest impression is made when they walk through your door. What do they see? Is your office tastefully decorated or has clutter taken over? Is your staff dressed appropriately or do they look like they’re working on a weekend? This infographic details how the look of your office may be costing your law firm business and what you can do about it:

Is Your Ugly Office Costing Your Law Firm Business?