5 Steps to Separate Your Law Firm from the HerdLearning to differentiate your law firm from your competitors is one of the most important law firm marketing tasks, since consumers are typically confused about the legal services marketplace. They are looking for ways to determine differences between what appears to them to be a sea of lawyers all offering the same services, marketing to them in the same way. You must tell them how you are different and why that matters to them.

Here are five steps attorneys can take to create differentiation that will resonate with prospects who need the services you provide:

Create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

A USP is an absolute must-have for any business, especially a law firm. Your USP is a list of benefits or the number one benefit that you can offer potential clients that your competition can’t. Choose a unique feature of your law firm and tell your potential clients why it is so beneficial to them and focus on it in every area of your law firm marketing.

Make it a compelling offer or guarantee that answers the question – “Why should I do business with you instead of the other lawyers in town?” It needs to address your target market’s point of pain. This will put you at the top of their mind when they need the service you provide. Create a memorable catch phrase to present your USP in all your law firm advertising and marketing materials. Consistently using the same phrase will create an association between you and your message in the minds of potential clients. Make sure you keep it short, simple and concise.


You can’t be all things to all people, so develop expertise on one particular topic. This topic should also be the focus of your USP. Your USP should become your mantra and you should use it in everything you produce. Put yourself out there, write articles, write a book, become a local expert in the media on your specialty.

This strategy doesn’t appeal to all potential clients, but then again, you shouldn’t try to appeal to everyone! This approach will attract clients who value your knowledge and expertise over your prices. Having a specialty is an easy way to assert your uniqueness and announce to potential clients how dramatically different you are from your competition.

Be First to Proclaim Uniqueness

Being the first to declare your individuality from the pack gives you a clear advantage. Until your competition follows suit, you are the ONLY one claiming to be different from all the rest. You are the client’s clear #1 choice!

Make an Irresistible Offer

An effective USP boldly declares big benefits and illustrates your exceptional service. You have to promise potential clients something so valuable they will never even think of calling your competition. It must grab their attention, so even though they don’t need your services now, when they do in the future, they will remember you.

Studies have shown that some of the most motivating desires we have are for tranquility, vengeance, fairness and social justice. Choose one of these key desires, hone in on it and appeal to it in your USP. Try to evoke an emotional connection with the audience that will make your offer irresistible.

Give Social Proof that Clients Prefer YOU

Use testimonials from previous clients in your legal and social media marketing. They validate your claim that you can help potential clients get what they want. Testimonials make it easier to market yourself because someone else is doing all the talking. Even in states where the use of testimonials is prohibited in law firm marketing, you can still use them in materials you send to prospective clients after they have initially contacted you. These responses are priceless for marketing your firm to potential clients.

These five steps will help you uniquely position yourself as the expert and #1 choice for anyone looking for an attorney in your practice area.

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