I have worked with over 18,000 attorneys and have seen just about every kind of law firm website there is. Some are great, many are good, and unfortunately, there are some that are really bad. As you can imagine, the attorneys who have the bad websites are the ones who think online marketing is a waste of time and money. And for them, they are right!

By now we all know that a vast majority of consumers start their search for an attorney on the Internet. Research has proven this time and again. It is an undeniable fact that if you do not have a robust online presence, you are risking irrelevance. Your law firm is not even part of the discussion when people are looking for an attorney that practices the kind of law they need.

And you don’t just need a website — you need a law firm website that ranks near the top for the search terms your prospects use. So how do you get this kind of top-ranking website for your law firm?

I ran across the infographic below from a study done by Nifty Law, an SEO and web design firm that caters to law firms. They took the top 50 metro areas in the U.S. and searched for four practice areas: business, DUI, personal injury and estate planning. They took the top ranking websites from those searches and studied exactly what it was about those sites that made them rank near the top in Google search. What they found should be used to guide you in developing your law firm website:

How to Have a Top-Ranking Law Firm Website


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