Announcing the Launch of the Rainmaker Mastermind GroupFrankly, I think whoever said, “It’s lonely at the top” has never been there.

It has been my observation that those at the top of the legal profession have lots of company. Because no one who gets to the top gets there by themselves.

For example — over the last 17 years, our company has probably helped more attorneys break the 7-figure barrier in revenues than anyone else in the nation. If you look at the 2016 list of the Law Firm 500 — an independently verified list of the 500 fastest growing law firms in the nation — you will see that we have worked with and mentored 41 out of the top 100 firms on the list, and 5 out of the top 10!

And that is how I know they did not get there by themselves. No one “wings it” to the top of any profession, especially one as hyper-competitive as the law.

However, there is one “secret weapon” that many successful law firm owners have used to help them up their game. It’s one I have used myself to catapult my business from under a million dollars with half a dozen employees to what it is today…a multimillion-dollar company with over 60 team members serving over 18,000 attorneys nationwide.

That “secret weapon” is a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a group of like-minded business owners who are all running fast-growing, 7- to 8-figure companies. We get together several times per year to openly discuss and solve our most difficult challenges. We share resources. We deep dive on tactics and strategy. We map out how to take our business to the next level. We hold each other accountable.

Personally, I have found participating in a mastermind group has helped me solve some of my most difficult business challenges like: scaling up, staffing up, systematizing most of my company, while allowing me to take 4-6 weeks of vacation per year and work less now than I did in years past.

Which is why I’m excited to tell you about the official launch of the Rainmaker Mastermind Group. This exclusive group is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of law firm owners who want to grow to the next level. It is selective. It is market exclusive. You must qualify to get in.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I invite you to read more about it and see if you qualify.