There is no one who should know your potential clients better than you do.  Not only is this critical for your business, it is also vital for your law firm marketing.  You simply must be able to reach the right people in the right places at the right time or your marketing — no matter how skillfully executed — will not work!

With the proliferation of social media networks over the past few years, it can be difficult to determine where you should be focusing your efforts.  Obviously, you need to fish where the fish are — market on the social media networks where your clients can be found.

And this is where the latest research from Google and Nielsen comes in handy, helping you identify the right fishing spot for your law firm!

The infographic below from Tracx takes the latest info on key social media demographics and lays it out for you so you can easily see where your ideal client is most likely to be found online.

While it may boost your ego to have thousands of follower and fans on social media, it will do nothing to boost your ROI or user engagement if you are just counting heads instead of gathering users who have a real need for your services.

The key here is to use social media to build real relationships and you can start with the relationships you already have. Once you join a social media network, your first step should be to find all your contacts there and invite them to connect with you. Once you do, and they like or comment on what you post, that will spread to their networks as well.

One of the primary goals of participating on social media is to spread your influence beyond the circle of people who already know you. This occurs when your posts are interesting enough to share.

How to Find the Right Social Media Network to Reach Your Potential Clients