How You Can Master the Lead Conversion ProcessWhen I first started consulting with law firms almost two decades ago, law firm marketing was pretty much in its infancy. Depending on the practice area, firms used traditional methods like Yellow Pages advertising, maybe some TV or billboards and most relied on referrals and word of mouth.

Well, the Internet blew all that up. It made it much easier to begin targeting the types of clients you wanted and cheaper to generate new leads. For the next 10 years, all I heard attorneys talk about was how to get more leads. A lot of them were already getting a fantastic amount of leads, but it never seemed to be enough.

I wondered, what was happening to all those leads? It was clear that firms wanted more leads because they were simply lousy at turning leads in to new clients. They didn’t know how to convert!

So I began beating the drum for lead conversion. I developed the Rainmaker Lead Conversion System to help firms understand that they could significantly slash their lead generation budget and increase their bottom line if they only got better at converting the leads they were getting.

There was no magic formula. No fairy dust. No unicorns. Just a time-proven business process for converting leads. And does it ever work! Here is what Doug Thomas of Thomas Pollart & Miller LLC, a civil litigation law firm that provides legal services to businesses throughout Colorado, Nebraska and Utah, wrote on my LinkedIn page about his experience with this system:

“My firm has been using the Rainmaker Lead Conversion System for 18 months now. The results have been stellar. This program helped us double our conversion rate, which significantly increased our revenues! Our two primary practice areas are criminal defense and family law. Revenues for our criminal defense practice are up 50% year over year. Our revenues for family law went up 90% year over year!

“The System is fantastic and I’m convinced that we couldn’t have grown like we did without it. We have gone from having very few people hire us post-consultation and now over 60% of our total new sign-ups come after the initial consultation and this is precisely what the System is designed to do. It keeps our law firm top of mind so when prospects are ready to buy, we are the only law firm they call! There’s no way we could manually do what this system is doing for us automatically every day.

“Perhaps the biggest selling point to me is the individual monthly consulting that comes with the Rainmaker Lead Conversion System. Every single month our Firm Administrator and I meet with the Rainmaker team and cover all of our metrics, conversions, and results. Not a single month has gone by where we did not walk away with a specific insight, an action step, or an idea that we could immediately implement to improve our conversion rate. You might be able to buy a system that can do part of what the Rainmaker System can do, but you just can’t replace the kind of in-depth, expert consulting we receive every month!”

You can master the lead conversion process for your firm with the right system. It may be ours or it may be someone else’s, but you have got to have a system in place to convert your leads if you want to experience the kind of growth that Doug talks about. Check it out.