Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other lawyers who are using social media to generate new business and referrals? Thanks to law practice management system company MyCase, you no longer need to guess (see infographic below).

MyCase took data from the ABA’s Legal Technology Report to create this visual representation of who is doing what online in the legal profession. Some of the highlights:

76% of attorneys have an online presence. Now this can mean anything from just have a website — which 85% of attorneys do (I have no idea what the other 15% are waiting for) — to being actively engaged on social media.

LinkedIn is the preferred platform. 57% of lawyers are on LinkedIn which is no surprise since the dominant reason lawyers say they use social media is to network and for career development. Facebook follows at just 35%. This means there is a HUGE marketing opportunity for lawyers to engage for reasons much more compelling beyond networking and career development — business development!

Blogs matter. 39% of lawyers say they gained clients from having a blog. That’s an impressive number and if you don’t have a blog, it should move you to reconsider that position. The average attorney spends about two hours per week on his or her blog.

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Lawyers on Social Media: How Do You Compare? [INFOGRAPHIC]


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