How to Take Your Law Firm from Survival to SuccessUp to this point, your competitive nature has been necessary for your survival.

Competition in the legal industry is drilled into you from taking the LSAT, to being ranked in law school, to competitive internships, to selling your soul to Big Law in hopes you will be looked at as partner material.

Once you become a partner (often by starting your own law firm), you are now afraid to share openly and honestly with other attorneys because they may view you as weak, unworthy, or worse, unsuccessful.

In the Rainmaker Mastermind Group, you will be the only attorney in your practice area that works in your geographical area. This is a geographically exclusive group, which means two attorneys from the same city can be members, but only if they don’t compete. Or two members in the same practice area can participate, but only if they are in very different markets.

There are a variety of practice areas in the group ranging from personal injury, to estate planning, to business law, to criminal defense, to litigation. The diversity of the group helps create an environment where creative ideas can emerge.

Members have unrestricted access to all the group members for brainstorming, high-level networking, business development techniques, goal setting, and refocusing on creating a lifestyle law firm.

Having a mastermind group keeps you connected, helps you to see that your struggles are not unique, and that you can have outrageous success even if you stumble once in awhile.

When you have a group of likeminded people committed to you and your goals, it is much more difficult to let things go than when you are working alone. Having others who are expecting you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself can often add that little extra bit of motivation you need to follow through.

In addition, when you know that others feel accountable to you, there is a sense of responsibility you have to do what you say you are going to do. Accountability works both ways and it is one of the primary reasons why mastermind groups are so effective.

The Rainmaker Mastermind Group can provide you with the opportunity to learn in the company of other top attorneys where to find the necessary resources, tap into creative ideas and apply the skills you need to transform your law firm.

But it’s not for everyone.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I invite you to read more about it and see if you qualify.