10 Wins Social Media Provides for LawyersThe problem many legal marketers face when it comes to social media is how to measure it, since social media delivers as many if not more intangibles than it does tangible things like clicks, likes and visits.

To gauge the true value for your law firm, consider these 10 ways that your firm may already be benefitting beyond the obvious:

  1. Brand building. Since social media is your unfiltered voice, you have a great opportunity to build your brand.
  2. Community. Social networks allow you to create a community and engage in a dialogue with prospects and clients who will tell you what they need and want from your firm. This is a great way to gather meaningful market research.
  3. Exposure. It takes a minimum of 7-10 exposures for a prospect to decide to make a purchase. Social media gives you a number of different avenues for getting repeat exposure.
  4. Authority. Being active on social platforms helps you establish authority in your area of practice.
  5. Influence. As you build your authority, your influence grows – and the larger the audience, the greater the influence.
  6. Traffic. Social media drives traffic to your website or blog, giving you an opportunity to gather contact information so you can engage directly with prospects.
  7. Relevance. Prospects and clients are already checking to see if you are represented on social networks whether or not you realize it. You risk being viewed as behind the times if you are not engaging them on major social media sites.
  8. Mindshare. You will probably never know how you are affecting people on social platforms, but you can bet you won’t have any chance of gaining mindshare if you don’t engage at all.
  9. One-up your competitors. There are lots of lawyers who are still not participating in social media, which provides you with a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
  10. Big wins. If a social media contact refers you on a big case or you get a call from a major media outlet to comment on something you’ve posted, that’s a big win. They don’t happen often, but when they do, they make your investment incredibly worthwhile.

Building a social media presence takes time. You cannot simply post a few articles on your pages or blog and expect prospects to knock down your doors. Create content that is relevant to your targeted prospects, keep pumping out fresh content almost every day, and when they come, focus on converting them!