Time to Start Fresh with Your Law Firm Social Media OutreachI’ve been writing about social media marketing for law firms so long that my first blog post about the subject here talked about the most popular platform being MySpace!

That was 10 years ago. Facebook was only 3 years old. LinkedIn was 5 years old but was a totally different site than it is today. Some of you adopted early along with me, and have been doing social media outreach for almost a decade.

But now it’s time to change what you’re doing because the world has changed and what we used to read on social media we now want to watch. On our phones. So as the next wave of social media breaks on your law firm marketing shore, here’s what you need to be doing:


It’s no coincidence that your Facebook and LinkedIn feeds now feature much more video than ever before. We are all carrying around super computers in our pockets and strong wifi infrastructure allows us to watch at will.

Social networks not only allow you to post a produced video, but you can live stream as well. All this is happening because of demand. People want video.

So if you are lagging behind on video content, it’s time to catch up. Video is a key element in getting attention for your law firm on social media today. Talk about the things that are plaguing your target audience on video and post them. Share videos of interest to your prospects that someone else has produced (obviously not a competitor). Get in the game, either by doing it yourself or finding someone who can help.


According to comScore, 80% of social media usage is from mobile devices. Most people prefer using a mobile device for content consumption, as long as the experience is a good one.   Some people only use mobile, having abandoned their laptops and desktops long ago.

Facebook recognized the shift to mobile marketing a couple of years ago with their introduction of Lead Ads, which is perfect for your free ebook, newsletter or webinar signup offers. With Lead Ads, users are taken to a form that is automatically populated with their contact information after they click on your ad’s call-to-action. Lead Ads can greatly increase your mobile campaign conversion rate.

Social Ads

Social media advertising is no longer a want, it’s a need. You need to use paid media to support your organic social media marketing campaigns. People no longer want to be pushed off their Facebook or LinkedIn page to your website. They want to engage with you on their platform of choice.

Luckily, social media advertising is fairly cheap so you don’t need a big budget to be successful. You can scale your buy up or down, depending on your conversion rate. Driven by a need to monetize their platforms, social media networks have made advertising extremely affordable with some exciting solutions that allow you to really zero in on your target market.

Today’s social media is yesterday’s Yellow Pages — it’s where your prospects are going to find you. Be there — on mobile, on video, with ads that forge a direct connection with your target market.