The Internet has made it much easier to target the types of clients you want and cheaper to generate new leads. For most of my almost 20 years in law firm marketing, I’ve mostly heard attorneys talk about how to get more leads. A lot of them were already getting a fantastic amount of leads, but it never seemed to be enough.

I wondered, what was happening to all those leads? It then became clear that firms wanted more leads because they were simply lousy at turning leads into new clients. They didn’t know how to convert!

So I began helping firms understand that they could significantly slash their lead generation budget and increase their bottom line if they only got better at converting the leads they were getting.

There are several common mistakes that attorneys make that results in leads not converting into appointments and, eventually, into clients. The infographic below from details the best practices in lead response management, based on research from more than 4,700 sales teams.

This research clearly shows how imperative it is that law firms have a system in place that nurtures the lead through the sales process and people who are accountable for that system. Our experience has shown us that many law firms have the wrong people answering prospect calls. You don’t want people handling your intake process who have a customer service background; you want people who have sold stuff over the telephone.

This is best done by people who are particularly skilled at lead response. Your intake team must be able to respond to a lead within five minutes of the initial call and follow up with those who don’t schedule an appointment or retain you after the first meeting at least six times.

Check out the data below and evaluate your intake process against these best practices to see where you can make improvements to your process and your bottom line.

Best Practices for Law Firm Lead Management [INFOGRAPHIC]