Every year, FindLaw conducts a U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey that asks the question every attorney needs to know the answer to: what influences a consumer’s decision to hire an attorney? The 2017 survey revealed some behavioral characteristics of legal consumers that attorneys need to dial into their marketing strategies:

  • 59% take action within one week, so they are ready to act when they contact you
  • 58% only contact one attorney, so they are probably more predisposed to hire you already if they call you, making your intake process critical
  • 85% of those who contact an attorney end up hiring one
  • 50% will not travel more than 28 miles for an attorney and 35% prefer to travel less than 20 miles, so keeping things local will benefit you
  • 58% use search engines and 42% search legal directories online when looking for a lawyer
  • 40% consider recommendations (reviews) as the key factor in choosing an attorney
  • 21% use voice search on a home device

I suggest you share the infographic below with your marketing people and consider what your law firm could be doing better than your competitors when it comes to meeting the needs of today’s legal consumers:

What Legal Consumers Want & How They Get It [Infographic]


How to Get Your Firm Ranked on Local Maps Listings

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