5 Tips for Getting 5-Star ReviewsWord of mouth has always been important for lawyers to obtain new business — after all, what are referrals but informed word-of-mouth recommendations? Now that our lives are all online, it’s easier than ever for clients to post reviews of your services. And you can no more control that than you can order up a sunny day.

And potential clients are going to read those reviews. In fact, according to a recent BrightLocal survey, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Reading reviews when looking for a service provider is routine today.

You also have to face the fact that you are going to get negative reviews too, since studies show that people are three times as likely to leave a negative comment than a positive one. The best answer to a negative review is to get as many positive reviews to balance things out. You don’t do that by ignoring the system.

Here are 5 tips on getting 5-star client reviews:

  1. Just ask.  Most people enjoy sharing their experience with service providers, especially if it’s been a good one.  Just the simple act of asking a client to provide you with a review lets them know what they think is important to you – which makes them feel good.  You can start by contacting your old (happy) clients and asking them to provide a review.
  2. Create great client experiences.  Cultivating a culture of great client service is a must for gaining positive reviews. Think about the greatest customer service experiences you’ve had and try to emulate them in your firm.
  3. Implement a timely process for getting reviews.  Attorneys need to create a process for making good reviews happen. Always look for those moments in your relationships with clients to create a review opportunity – when you have won a case for a client, when you have helped someone avoid litigation – all opportunities for you to generate a great review. Make it easy for clients to review you by emailing them a link to post a review on Google. Better yet, create an autoresponder email with a built-in Google review form and send it to them at the appropriate time.
  4. Optimize your website content. To make it easy for clients to leave a review on your website, add graphic badges that quickly take visitors to your Google, Facebook or other online directory pages to read and post reviews. Be sure your site is optimized for mobile so people can access your content quickly and easily, and make sure your FAQs are easily discoverable since most visitors browsing a law firm website want quick answers to their legal questions.
  5. Repurpose good reviews. If you have received good reviews or testimonials, post them on your website, in your e-newsletter and anywhere else that potential customers are likely to stumble upon them. And be sure to ask whoever provided you with that great review if they would also submit it to Google so it shows up in search.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Don’t leave it to chance by failing to manage your online reputation.


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