BrightLocal, a leading local search marketing company, scoured the profiles of more than 93,000 local businesses across 26 different industries to create their recently released Google Reviews Study.

Law firms are included in the research, and an interactive infographic that BrightLocal included in their report allows you to explore the results for each category as a whole. It’s pretty cool; here’s what the legal category looks like:

Google Reviews Study: Reviews Even More Important to Local SEO Ranking

A few important insights from this research:

The average number of reviews for businesses that appear in that all-important Google Local 3-Pack (where three local businesses are featured on the first page of search results) is 47. Law firms average only 16 reviews.

The difference in average star rating between businesses that are listed in the 1-3 position in search results vs. those listed in positions 7-10 is only .02 stars.

The average star rating for local businesses across all categories is 4.42; law firms rank right at average:

74% of local businesses have at least one Google review; law firms rank below average at 70%:

It’s clear that law firms have some work to do when it comes to obtaining Google reviews, which in turn helps to increase your local ranking in search results. Our free on-demand webinar will give you the tools you need to do this:

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