Internet Marketing for Lawyers

When someone asks you, “What business are you in?” What do you answer? I suspect, if you’re like most attorneys, you’d answer: law, real estate law, probate law, family law . . . or anything related to the word “law.”

Logical, right? It may be logical but it’s wrong. You may have a legal practice,

Shortly after the Total Attorney’s Get a Life Conference in Chicago, a firestorm started in the legal blogosphere around the question: “Is Twitter the legal marketing tool it’s cracked up to be?”

This firestorm was ignited by legal marketing consultant Larry Bodine when he contended during a Get a Life panel discussion that Twitter is

In the past few years of my working with attorneys across the country, I’ve discovered that the legal marketing game has quickly changed.

Sadly, many attorneys are still playing the old game by the same old rules. No wonder they’re seeing fewer clients, making fewer dollars and witnessing the erosion of their practices.

That’s got

#6. Send them a holiday card, but not on the major holidays like Christmas. Instead, try a Thanksgiving card or a St. Patrick’s Day card so it will stand apart.

#7. Set-up a Google alert for a topic of interest to your referral sources. For example, “tax law changes” for CPAs or “Los Angeles

Our legal marketing strategy for all this week is discussing 15 ideas you can use to keep in touch with your referrals. Today we’ll cover Ideas 1-5.

#1. Send them an email immediately after each meeting with them. Send it the same day whenever possible. In the email express thanks for meeting with

Of the many legal marketing strategies, one of the most powerful is leveraging relationships to boost referrals. In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about the 2nd key to reaping the rewards of your relationships.

Key #2: Increase the Frequency of Your Contact

Try as we might, it’s difficult with our hectic