4 Things Prospects Want to Know from Your Law Firm WebsiteWhen someone visits your law firm website, you don’t have much time to engage them – industry research indicates most prospects spend less than 10 seconds evaluating your website or blog and if they find nothing immediately relevant to them, they quickly move on. You must grab them from the very first moment they land

Google loves speed. The faster a web page loads, the greater the user satisfaction. In fact, Google measures page speed load in microseconds and believes it is especially important on mobile devices when consumers are searching “in the moment” and will not tolerate slow loading times.

You see, research has shown that most consumers expect

I have worked with over 18,000 attorneys and have seen just about every kind of law firm website there is. Some are great, many are good, and unfortunately, there are some that are really bad. As you can imagine, the attorneys who have the bad websites are the ones who think online marketing is a

If you’ve been practicing law for more than 10 years, you probably hated creating your first law firm website. Chances are that it was too expensive, took too long to develop and probably doesn’t even have half the functionality that today’s sites do.

Bottom line:  If your law firm website is not generating quality leads

6 Features of a Winning Law Firm WebsiteThere are many features you can add to your website to make it perform better for you. Some features make more sense for certain kinds of practices. As you might imagine, some of the things you would expect to find on a personal injury firm’s website may not work on a business litigation website.