A 5-Step Process for Taking Potential Clients from “Why” to “Buy”For years, doctors have been complaining about patients who self-diagnose via the Internet. Because so many potential clients are searching the Internet for legal services and consulting with others on social media, lawyers are facing this same problem.

This means that law firms must pay more attention than ever before to the lead conversion process,

How You Can Master the Lead Conversion ProcessWhen I first started consulting with law firms almost two decades ago, law firm marketing was pretty much in its infancy. Depending on the practice area, firms used traditional methods like Yellow Pages advertising, maybe some TV or billboards and most relied on referrals and word of mouth.

Well, the Internet blew all that up.

Take a look at this recent Google infographic on legal market trends:

Why the Most Important Rainmaker in Your Law Firm is the Person Who Answers the Phone

If there is one thing that stands out about this research, it’s this: 72% of prospects contact attorneys via phone.  This is why the most important Rainmaker in your law firm is the person who answers your phone!

That’s because people who

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Lawyers spend a lot of money generating leads, but we have found through secret-shopping more than 2,500 law

How to Create Landing Pages That Land More LeadsIf your law firm marketing is directing traffic to the home page of your website, you are missing a big opportunity to capture more leads. You should be using dedicated landing pages instead.

Landing pages have been proven to more than double conversion rates when compared with website home pages. This is because they are