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Legal Marketing Is Essential for Law Firms

Posted in Legal Marketing for Associates
Many people mistakenly believe that a small or large law firm that enjoys success represents a multitude of clients in a variety of specialties and continually keeps busy, doesn’t need to worry so much about legal marketing, networking, developing new contacts, or continually enhancing the function and services provided to clients. Nothing could be further… Continue Reading

Advertising for Lawyers: an Attorney Marketing No-No

Posted in Legal Marketing for Associates
  Opinion seems to be fairly divided over the issue of whether or not attorney marketing professionals should opt for heightened, more aggressive and up-to-date advertising strategies for their legal clients. Unfortunately, laws already on the books in many states prohibit a lawyer from advertising their services in the manner that they would prefer, which… Continue Reading

Law Firm Marketing Suffers Without Proper Follow-up

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing for Associates
Legal marketing experts often tout the importance of presenting interesting, substantive legal marketing seminars. Hosting seminars, booking speaking engagements and participating in trade group meetings are all, in fact, great legal marketing strategies. According to Johnny Manriquez, Esq., Sales Attorney for Scholefield Associates, P.C. in San Diego, California, failing to follow up with clients after these events… Continue Reading