Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp

Rainmaker Retreat Revealed: Exactly What You’ll Learn at Our 2-Day Law Firm Marketing Intensive Workshop If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much legal marketing information and training attorneys really receive at a Rainmaker Retreat, take a look at exactly what we cover:

Session 1: Achieving Expert Status as an Attorney

  • 5 Proven Strategies To Position Yourself As A Specialist
  • Pros And Cons Of Positioning Yourself As A Generalist And

“The Rainmaker Retreat takes the confusing mess that is law firm marketing and ties it into a nice little bow for you, showing you clearly and concisely what you need to do to increase your leads and lead conversions, and ultimately make more money.”- Brandon Glosson, Solo, Estate Planning and PI, San Antonio, TX

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Partner Demotions Demonstrate Need for Lawyers to Hone Their Rainmaker SkillsAn article in yesterday’s New York Times chronicled the continuing struggle big law firms are having in coming to terms with today’s legal services delivery reality. Their response has been to demote or even jettison partners, reducing salaries and cutting some out of annual profit distributions.

The latest large firm to announce its “revamp” is