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The Rainmaker Institute is a Gold Sponsor for this week’s Lawyernomics 2018 Conference in Las Vegas. Stop by the Palazzo Ballroom at The Venetian and visit the Rainmaker Institute booth, where we’ll be talking about the latest trends in law firm marketing and giving away an RC sports car to one lucky winner.

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I think most of us would agree that we work hard to have a better life.  Unfortunately, many of us make the mistake of thinking our better life is off in the distance; it’s “someday” rather than today.  And that thinking is what leads to burnout.

The truth is, taking some downtime and disconnecting from

rockwell_thanksgivingThe Rainmaker Institute team would like to wish all our clients and blog readers a wonderful Thanksgiving full of friends, family and food that make the holidays such a special time of year.

If you are traveling for the holidays, we wish you a safe journey.

If you are hosting friends and family, we wish

After a contentious election, it’s good to end this week remembering those who paid the price for our freedoms and thank them for their service.  They sacrificed some — or all — so that we may enjoy our right to vote and, yes, our right to protest.  Thank you to all our veterans, today and

NOTICE: Yesterday Microsoft Outlook 365 Email servers were hacked. Ours were among them.

Half of our team’s email addresses are back online BUT half of them are offline (including mine). When you send an email to those addresses it will bounce back as ‘not valid’.

Rest assured, we are still here and tech support is