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More Data on How People Find Attorneys

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Orlando criminal law firm Moses & Rooth conducted a Google survey last month to determine how different demographic groups look for attorneys when seeking legal advice. The survey netted 1,578 responses and the firm then whipped up an infographic to share the results (see below). Of particular interest is the gender and age demographic breakdown in the… Continue Reading

2 Questions Every Attorney Needs to Know the Answers To

Posted in Generating Referrals for Attorneys, Law Firm Marketing, Strategic Referrals
There are two questions just about every attorney has asked at one time or another. At every Rainmaker Retreat – our two-day law firm marketing seminar – I answer dozens of questions that are top-of-mind for attorneys who have come from across the nation and these two consistently pop up: Why am I not getting more… Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Could Cause State Bars to Lose Antitrust Immunity

Posted in Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing
Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission, ruling that a regulatory body of a self-regulated profession (dentists in this case, but the law would apply as well) are only immune from antitrust liability if they are actively supervised by state governmental authorities.… Continue Reading

Law Firm Marketing Boot Camp: San Francisco Rainmaker Retreat This Weekend

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
The weather forecast for San Francisco this weekend is “abundant sunshine”.  And the forecast for this weekend’s San Francisco Rainmaker Retreat is “abundant legal marketing strategies you can implement next week”! If you’re a partner in a small law firm or are on your own and want to grow your practice while enjoying the lifestyle… Continue Reading

Legal Marketing: Six Keys to Becoming a Recognized Expert-Fifth in a Series

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
Disclaimer: When I use the word “expert” or “specialist” in this series, I’m not talking in the legal or ethical sense, but in the marketing sense where the goal is to get media and/or prospects to perceive you as an expert or specialist. The fifth legal marketing strategy for building credibility and becoming a recognized… Continue Reading

Watch Your Step with Your Attorney Marketing Strategies

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers
Many people believe that anything goes when it comes to attorney marketing strategies on the Internet. So many people have attorney marketing websites, blogs, forums, and discussion groups, that it may seem impossible for watchdogs to notice when something isn’t quite right. Not so. Unfortunately,, a leading attorney marketing website, found that out the… Continue Reading

Attorney Marketing: Blogging Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers
When it comes to attorney marketing tools, blogging has presented itself as the premier opportunity in the 21st century to spread the word and generate interest in a multitude of business deals, and that goes for law firms and attorney websites too. In recent years, blogs have surpassed “high school and college students sharing experiences… Continue Reading

Advertising for Lawyers: an Attorney Marketing No-No

Posted in Legal Marketing for Associates
  Opinion seems to be fairly divided over the issue of whether or not attorney marketing professionals should opt for heightened, more aggressive and up-to-date advertising strategies for their legal clients. Unfortunately, laws already on the books in many states prohibit a lawyer from advertising their services in the manner that they would prefer, which… Continue Reading

“The Rainmaker Advisor”: A Step-by-Step Attorney Marketing Magazine is NOW Available!

Posted in Uncategorized
  I am happy to announce that our new attorney marketing publication, “The Rainmaker Advisor”, has been warmly received by the attorney marketing industry. The brand new publication has already received abundant critical acclaim as well. The Rainmaker Advisor is a magazine with a completely unique competitive edge. This magazineis more like a step-by-step attorney marketing manual. I… Continue Reading

The Rainmaker Institute Launches Attorney Marketing Magazine “The Rainmaker Advisor”

Posted in Uncategorized
The Rainmaker Institute is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural issue of The Rainmaker Advisor magazine. This revolutionary, one-of-a- kind attorney marketing manual will be unveiled at the Los Angeles LegalTech Trade Show. The Rainmaker Advisor will provide insightful Power Principles for marketing Small and Solo Law Practices. Each issue will feature a specific… Continue Reading

Join us In Las Vegas – July 25-26 at our attorney marketing “boot-camp” Rainmaker Retreat

Posted in Rainmaker Retreat Boot Camp
If you have not registered yet for our two-day attorney marketing “boot-camp”, there is still time to do so. Join law firm marketing experts and your fellow attorneys for our Rainmaker Retreat – which will be held at the Treasure Island Hotel. If you are struggling to build your legal practice or want to learn a… Continue Reading

“The Staples Experience” and Attorney Marketing

Posted in Legal Marketing Strategies
Staples, the mega office-supply store, sponsored a contest in 2004. Called “Invention Quest”, the winner received $25,000 and a license from Staples, which offered the winner’s clever invention under the Staples brand name. The winning invention was selected because Jevin Eagle, senior V.P. for Staples brands says.” We aren’t looking for general ideas, but specific ideas… Continue Reading