The weather forecast for San Francisco this weekend is “abundant sunshine”.

And the forecast for this weekend’s San Francisco Rainmaker Retreat is “abundant legal marketing strategies you can implement next week”!

If you’re a partner in a small law firm or are on your own and want to grow your practice while enjoying the lifestyle

Many people believe that anything goes when it comes to attorney marketing strategies on the Internet. So many people have attorney marketing websites, blogs, forums, and discussion groups, that it may seem impossible for watchdogs to notice when something isn’t quite right. Not so. Unfortunately,, a leading attorney marketing website, found that out

I am happy to announce that our new attorney marketing publication, “The Rainmaker Advisor”, has been warmly received by the attorney marketing industry. The brand new publication has already received abundant critical acclaim as well.

The Rainmaker Advisor is a magazine with a completely unique competitive edge. This magazineis more like a