Attorneys struggle with making blogging a priority since they have so many other hats they wear and fires to put out over the course of a day. While most recognize the need to be on social media, they often “set it and forget it” – forgetting that blogging and social media is a beast that

New Benchmark Data on How Often Companies Should BlogWhen it comes to blogging for your law firm, are you wondering whether it’s quality or quantity that matters most?  The answer is:  both.

Obviously you want to publish high quality blogs that will educate and inform your readers.  It’s a reflection of who you are and how you practice, and so quality should really

How to Use a Blog for Lead GenerationAttorneys are paid for their expertise in solving problems. Breaking off little bits of that expertise and posting it on your law firm marketing blog is creating something of value, for which you hope to be compensated for one day (via new clients, industry recognition, etc.).

Which is why it is important that your law

Do you hear crickets chirping every time you post to your blog?  It’s a pretty common feeling when you’re trying to educate the world but the world is not beating a path to your blog.

The reason most lawyers who don’t blog say it’s a waste of time is because they don’t realize you need