Former practicing attorney Larry Bodine, the law blog guru at, knows firsthand the struggles many attorneys face when trying to consistently create great content for their blog posts. Editor Cindy Greenway recently interviewed Larry, who provides five ideas that are a goldmine of inspiration for blog posts.  Here are his tips for ferreting

If you build it, will they come?  When it comes to a law firm marketing blog, the answer is, it depends on the strategies you use to attract and keep an engaged audience.

Obviously, this is not something that happens with no effort.  You need to provide value and promote your content properly.  Here are

With so much online content competing for your target market’s attention these days, how can you ensure your blog posts are something an audience wants to return to again and again, making it to their “must read” list?  Here are 7 steps:

Take a stand.  It’s human nature to follow the leader, and a

 Probably the second most frequent question we are asked when it comes to blogging (the first being, how do I find the time?) is how to get an audience for your legal blog. 

Of course, no one wants to spend precious time crafting great content only to put it out there and have it go

I talk a lot about the importance of differentiating your firm by focusing your marketing efforts on communicating your unique competitive advantage – the benefits a client gets from working with you, the value you provide, the results you’ve gotten for past clients and the creative solutions you employ to solve legal issues.

Once you’ve