6 Ways You’re Creating a “One & Done” ClientI’m sure you’ve heard that the most expensive client you can have is the “one and done” — the person who only does business with you one time. While there are some practice areas that typically have this kind of client — criminal law, personal injury — many attorneys can benefit greatly from having repeat

Veteran’s Day is a great day to talk about loyalty.  When it comes to legal services, law firms are facing a familiar dilemma shared by many other service professions: the erosion of client loyalty.

Spurred by a weak economy, consumers are becoming less and less loyal, and the cost of acquiring new customers is always

Client retention consultancy Sparked counts some of the world’s most successful brands as its clients, including Microsoft, Google, Kraft, SAP, Barclays and more.  So it’s worth lending an ear when they release research that shows a mere 5% increase in a company’s client retention rate can increase profits by as much as 95%.

Many firms

Landing new clients is only the beginning of a harder task: keeping them. Now the real work begins as you find a ways to keep those clients you have worked so hard to get. 

Along with new clients comes the inherent need for more time to spend on their cases. Now the problem is not